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Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Where The Most Loved Dolphins in Jamaica Live!

Jamaica is a charming island with a dazzling natural beauty framed by the mangroves' emerald hues and jaw-dropping azure pristine shoreline scenes. On your next visit to Jamaica, you will dive into a world where nature meets fun and where a lifetime experience is waiting right at Dolphin Cove Jamaica.

Located in a 23-acre coveted semi-virgin area, Dolphin Cove Jamaica will become your paradise sanctuary during your vacations in Jamaica. If you are an adventure traveler, swimming with Dolphins in their natural Habitat will surely be on the top of your to-do list.

At this Dolphin Cove Habitat in Jamaica, you will also enjoy other thrilling activities that will keep you craving for more! Put on your swimwear, soak up the sun, work on that dreamed-of tan, get ready to interact with other fascinating species, and have tons of fun around!

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Awards and Accolades

Dolphin Cove Jamaica is a proud recipient of multiple awards and accolades, showcasing its leadership for featuring the most adventurous and exciting interactive programs with marine mammals and other species.

These awards are also recognized for delivering a bespoke service and world-class facilities and for providing the best natural environment and care for all species in this Dolphin Habitat in Jamaica and the Caribbean!

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Swimming with Dolphins in Jamaica has never been this good!

Your vacations at Dolphin Cove Jamaic a will become as special as you want!

Choose your favorite Jamaica tours from five Dolphin Habitats available at Dolphin Cove Jamaica, which include Ocho Ríos, Montego Bay, Moon Palace, Puerto Seco, and Yaaman, and start planning the vacation of your life. Swimming with Dolphins in Jamaica is a thrilling adventure that will keep you on edge during your vacation!

How to Get to the Dolphin Habitats in Jamaica

Dolphin Cove Jamaica features five Dolphin Habitats for your enjoyment during your next trip to this beautiful island in the Caribbean!

Whether you are a cruise traveler or traveling by yourself to this beautiful and picturesque island, moving around is very easy!

Hop on a “route taxi” that will take you through different zones in Jamaica tours, like Montego Bay, Ocho Ríos, and Puerto Seco, or rent a car at your convenience so you can better explore and wander off the island.

Remember that if you are staying at the Moon Palace Jamaica resort.

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